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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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national lead

December 30th, 2014
06:18 PM ET

Cybersecurity expert: Sony hack seemed driven by emotion, knowledge

(CNN) - Hemu Nigam, a cybersecurity expert and former vice president of Worldwide Internet Enforcement for the Motion Picture Association of America, joins "The Lead" to discuss the likely motivations behind the Sony Pictures hacking.

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world lead

December 29th, 2014
06:24 PM ET

North Korea launches racist war of words against Pres. Obama

(CNN) - Over this holiday break, millions of Americans got to see a first run blockbuster from the comfort of their sofas and obtained it in a way many never even thought of before.

And we may all have a little-known Hollywood consultant, named Kim Jong Un, to thank for it.


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national lead

December 26th, 2014
04:29 PM ET

Mayor: Antonio Martin is not Michael Brown

(CNN) – Police are investigating another shooting that has sparked protests and arrests.

It involved a white officer and a black teenager, and happened in Berkeley, Missouri, just a couple of miles from where unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed.

But the mayor of Berkeley is saying this is not another Ferguson, because there is video of this confrontation, which appears to show 18-year-old Antonio Martin holding a gun.

"We have a video that details exactly what occurred," said Mayor Theodore Hoskins.

"The majority of the African American community is in shock, and when they see the video they will come to the same conclusion that I have, that this officer acted to protect himself," he said. "And for that reason it is not only the city of Berkeley, but the total community should be behind this officer."

Check out more of our interview with Mayor Theodore Hoskins in the video above.

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national lead

December 23rd, 2014
04:47 PM ET

Atlanta theater owner: We're ready to screen 'The Interview'

(CNN) – "The Interview" is coming to theaters.

Sony reversed its decision Tuesday, announcing that it is excited to release the comedy about taking out North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This comes after the studio became the victim of a hack attack that unleashed a trail of embarrassing Hollywood gossip.

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pop lead

December 19th, 2014
06:54 PM ET

Clooney slams Hollywood cowardice for pulling film

(CNN) - Today, two of the most famous people on the planet are slamming Sony for yanking "The Interview."

George Clooney and President Obama - the latter of whom took time out of his year end news conference to say Sony's decision was a mistake.

"I think it says something interesting about North Korea that they decided to have the state mount an all out assault on a movie studio on a movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco," the President stated. "I love Seth and I love James, but the notion that was a threat gives you a sense of kind of regime we're talking about here."


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