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December 2nd, 2014
06:12 PM ET

Sports columnist: Ray Rice PR campaign bad for Roger Goodell

(CNN) – Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is now pleading his case in the court of public opinion, hoping for forgiveness, and a team willing to hire him.

In an interview with NBC, Rice once again apologized for knocking his then-fiancee Janay unconscious in a casino elevator earlier this year. He insisted that the violent clash was a one time thing, and said he and his family are now ready to move forward.

"Did we say things to each other that - do we want to take back at times? Yeah, we crossed that line before. But it never got to an altercation that went that far. Me and my wife had one bad night, and I took full responsibility for it," he told NBC.

Rice was initially suspended two games for the incident. But when a security tape showing the brutal blow was released, the public backlash intensified.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was heavily criticized for initially only giving Rice a two-game suspension. Since then, the NFL has taken steps to try and shed its image of being too lenient with players accused of domestic violence.

The league later suspended Rice, but Rice appealed the decision, and a judge ruled in his favor, reversing Rice's indefinite suspension for allegedly "misleading" officials.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly Goodell knew and didn't know about that elevator incident before the tape was released. Janay Rice told NBC that the NFL commissioner was not telling the truth when he said Ray Rice was ambiguous about the events of that night.

With Janay Rice's comments and the judge's ruling - how bad is this for Goodell?

"It's not good," said USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan. Check out her analysis in the video above.

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