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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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October 20th, 2014
06:10 PM ET

Keene vs. Ferguson: Double standard on violence?

(CNN) – There were violent clashes with police over the weekend. Crowds set fires on personal property, overturned cars, threw glass bottles at police, and tore down street signs. At one point things got so bad, officers used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

But this violence didn't take place at a protest over a police shooting or social injustice. It was the booze-fueled scene at a pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire. The rioters were mostly out-of-control college students from Keene State College.

In a news conference Monday, police announced dozens of arrests, and they say more could come as their investigation continues.

And while the event has been characterized by some as rowdy kids just letting loose, others say they see a clear double standard in how Keene rioters, mainly white college students, are being cast compared to the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, who were predominantly African-American.

The contrast was instantly mocked on Twitter. One user tweeted photos with words that had been used to describe protesters in Ferguson, who rioted after the shooting of an unarmed teenager, side-by-side with words used to describe the riots in Keene.

A Washington Post reporter who was arrested while covering the Ferguson protests tweeted: "Don't these people have jobs? Where are the white fathers? What will end this corrosive culture of violence?!" He then linked to a Boston Globe article on the festival.

While those criticisms of the media portrayals may be fair, what is also clear is that the wounds of Ferguson are still very much open, perhaps even more so, with the revelation about forensic evidence in the case.

A source tells CNN the evidence shows Michael Brown's blood was found on the gun, uniform and police cruiser of officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot the unarmed teen two months ago.

That evidence seems to back up some of Wilson's account. He claimed that he and Brown struggled over his gun in the back of his police car, and that he feared for his life.

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