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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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national lead

April 29th, 2014
04:38 PM ET

Tuscaloosa mayor: We're used to tornadoes, but this one has us on edge

(CNN) – The people of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama suffered through an EF4 tornado nearly three years ago to the day. Now, they're bracing for another round of severe weather.

"We're used to being in tornado alley. We're used to tornadoes, but the last couple days especially with the anniversary of April 27th looming, just put all of us on edge," said Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox.

The town was already hit Monday, the storm killed 21-year-old John Servati, a swimmer for the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, "our community son," says Maddox. Two hundred homes were also damaged.

The town is again in the bull's-eye for the worst of Tuesday's forecast.

"We're bearing down for and getting for another restless night," says Maddox.

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world lead

April 29th, 2014
03:27 PM ET

Newly released Benghazi documents reinforce that White House was pushing that video was to blame

By Jake Tapper, CNN Chief Washington Correspondent

New documents obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch reinforce that the White House strongly argued that an anti-Muslim video was the reason for the deadly 2012 terror attacks on U.S. compounds in Benghazi.

This was done even though intelligence and diplomatic sources on the ground were more convinced the attacks that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in eastern Libya were carried out by terrorists and not the spontaneous work of an angry mob.

The new documents can be seen here.

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