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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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February 27th, 2014
05:43 PM ET

Sen. McCain: Ukraine needs our help now

(CNN) – There is currently a Russian warship docked about 200 miles from Miami, Florida, at a port in Havana, in communist Cuba. It is loaded with giant military guns and anti-aircraft missiles. There has been no official explanation for what the Russian ship is doing there.

Meanwhile, across the world in southern Ukraine, dozens of armed men stormed regional government buildings, including the parliament, and raised Russian flags. The interim government is clashing with the Ukrainians in the streets there.

What is Russian President Vladimir Putin up to? Sen. John McCain said the warship in Havana is "just a little bit of saber rattling." What's more concerning is Putin's actions in Ukraine.

"He's up to trying to preserve his absolute commitment and ambition of maintaining Ukraine as the part of the Russian empire," said McCain.

"Putin is a KGB colonel apparatchik who believes in the Russian empire. That's why he invaded Georgia, that's why he put pressures on Moldova, the Baltic countries. And the crown jewel of that is the Ukraine," said McCain.

Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday that this is not an East versus West conflict. President Barack Obama said last week that this is not a Cold War era chess board.

"I've always believed that this administration was incredible naive about Putin," said McCain.

"The next move he may make is restricting some of the energy supplies, and we need to help the Ukraine quickly, and we need to get them money quickly, and we need to have the IMF agreement done as quickly as possible so that the people of Ukraine will have a brighter future than the one they've got now," said McCain.

For more of our interview with Sen. John McCain, check out the video above.

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