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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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September 27th, 2013
10:49 AM ET

Web exclusive: So, a comedian walks into a glass window...

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By his own account, strange things happen to actor Stephen Merchant. Like that time, about three weeks ago, when he was at a party at comedian Sarah Silverman's house.

"A lot of comedians were there. I'm slightly intimidated by big rooms of comedians, because comedians are often very sharp-tongued and don't let you forget your failings, your mistakes," said Merchant.

"While I was at the party, someone offered me some chocolate. What's wrong with some harmless chocolate? England is riddled with chocolate, delicious chocolate," said the British comedian.

But this chocolate was more than just chocolate.

"This had something in it. It's California; there was something recreational in the chocolate," said Merchant.

Merchant ate it, and a mixture of drama and comedy followed.

"I went into an immediate hole of darkness. The world seemed to envelop around me," said Merchant, who is 6'7" tall. "I didn't know what was going on for a while. I just lay down. So I just lie down in the middle of the party, like a sort of giant anaconda that had just digested a cow."

When that didn't help matters, Merchant headed to the bathroom, "and just stared at myself in the mirror for a bit," he said, miming himself peering forward with eyes wide in wonderment or confusion.

That also did not help, so Merchant decided to head outside for some fresh air.

"(I) walked towards the outside area, but the route I took in my fuzzy state was straight through an eight-foot plate glass window that shattered in its entirety, just came crashing down around me. And miraculously, I had a slight graze on my hand, little cut on my head, was weirdly unhurt.

"And just sort of turned around blearily to see 300 comedians staring back at me, and it was like, they were like piranha fishes. Like they were waiting to see I was - 'Yes, he seems to be OK,' reach for the phone. Let's get a picture. Let's tweet that. Let's text that to all our friends," said Merchant with a laugh.

Looking at a photo of the accident afterward, there was no reason Merchant should have even walked through that particular window.

"The glass through which I walked was not even transparent. It was dark brown. It was dark brown glass. It was - it could have been a wall. It was basically a wall. And I walked through it," said Merchant. "Like a clumsy superhero."

The comedian said bizarre, embarrassing events happen to him often, while other "cool" celebrities sail through life, not shattering glass windows with their bodies.

"There are some people who are naturally cool, and together, and I would imagine George Clooney doesn't walk through plate glass windows. I don't think he ever has," said Merchant.

"It's like it's something in his DNA. It's like he was given good genes; he was given good looks; he was given talent; he was given good hair and he was given this extra little something that means he doesn't act like an ass," said the comedian.

"And I try not to act like an ass. It just happens," said Merchant.

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