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Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

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Ebola in New York – we'll have the latest news on the patient, and talk to infectious disease experts.

Ebola in New York - we'll have the latest news on the patient, and talk to infectious disease experts.

politics lead

October 9th, 2013
07:16 PM ET

Roundtable: Obamacare no longer enemy number one for the GOP

Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, once again railed against Obamacare on on the House floor Wednesday.

"Our message in the house has been pretty clear. We want to reopen our government and provide fairness to all Americans under the president's health care law," Boehner said.

But has the message really been "pretty clear?"

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money lead

October 9th, 2013
06:56 PM ET

Reddit co-founder on what the next big thing will be

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian started a website with his college roommate, and by his mid-twenties, he had helped change the face of the internet, and become a millionaire.

Now, in his new book "Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed," Ohanian – who has been described as "the mayor of the internet" – draws up a veritable blueprint for internet start-up success.

Check out our interview with Ohanian in the video above, and click here to read CNN's Jake Tapper's Ask Me Anything, or "AMA," on Reddit.

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national lead

October 9th, 2013
06:48 PM ET

Chair of Veterans Affairs on how the shutdown is affecting vets

Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in March that he opposed linking the defunding of Obamacare to the government spending bill, because it would lead to a government shutdown – which it did.

Responsible members of the House Republican leadership opposed the tactic, because they knew they did not have the Senate votes, and that President Barack Obama was not going to gut his signature legislation.

Why would the chair of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs go along with the tactic, knowing that it would hurt veterans and their families?

"Almost 85% of the Department of Veterans Affairs is forward-funded for a two-year period instead of a one-year period," said Republican Congressman Jeff Miller, chair of the Veterans' Affairs committee.

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national lead

October 9th, 2013
06:29 PM ET

Durbin: Negotiations to re-open government, lift the debt ceiling are 'under way'

The U.S. is well into the ninth day of a government shutdown. House Republicans tied defunding or delaying Obamacare to the funding of the government, effectively leading to the shutdown.

But Republicans are saying – and it seems to have some resonance – that President Obama's message is: "I’m not negotiating." That's just not how this works. Republicans point out there have been previous negotiations over both opening the government and the debt ceiling.

Is the Democratic Party doing anything to acknowledge the reality of where the U.S. is, and trying to figure out a way to get out of it together?

"There are conversations under way as to what we will discuss, you know, what we will negotiate over, what things will be on the table. But what we said is – open the government, pay our bills and let's have this honest conversation," said Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, of Illinois, who serves as Senate Majority Whip.

What Durbin does not want to see is catastrophic tactics taken every time a major policy or debt ceiling negotiation fails.

"This is going to come over and over again. And if each time we lay off 800,000 federal workers, or end up interrupting the services of this government, or jeopardizing our international credit rating, it's disastrous for a great country like America," said Durbin.

"The president is trying to establish a standard of conduct that is reasonable and bipartisan and puts everything on the table. I think that's the way to approach it," said Durbin.

The Affordable Care Act was rolled last week, and there continue to be be problems getting onto the Web site, and signing up. There is a mandate that individuals must get health insurance by the end of the year, even if they can't get onto the website.

To some, it appears reasonable to delay the individual mandate given the fact that so many people are having trouble signing up online.

"We have 9 million people who’ve already tried to get online. I think the number is even higher," said Durbin

The law is based on the Massachusetts health care plan signed into law by then-Governor Mitt Romney. Durbin said he spoke with a surgeon from Boston about the glitches of so-called Romneycare, who told him there were problems in the beginning, but once they were smoothed out, "98% of Massachusetts residents now have health insurance."

"So, let's not let a few glitches at the beginning sour the ultimate goal of giving people who have never been able to afford health insurance, never had health insurance, this kind of protection, for the first time in their lives," said Durbin.

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pop lead

October 9th, 2013
06:14 PM ET

Hollywood's version of a government shutdown

If Americans are starting to feel like they've seen this current political show down before, it's probably because they have – government shutdowns make for big laughs and high drama in Hollywood.

When the government shutdown on NBC's "West Wing," fictional President Jeb Bartlett – in language very similar to what current Democratic lawmakers have been saying for the last week – declared, "I will not negotiate with a gun to my head!"

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